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- Major Research Project titled “Teacher Training in Total
  Communication Approach and its Effect on Development
  of Language Readiness of Pre-School Children with
  Communication Deficits in Maharashtra” - Dr. Rubina Lal &
  Mrs. Apoorva Panshikar (Completed)

- Learning for All & Building Effective Teaching Atmosphere
  Experience- Dr. Smriti Swarup & Mrs. Suzanne Rodricks
  funded by IAS officers Wives Association (Completed)

- Minor Research Project UGC sponsored : Development of
  a manual to develop cognitive processing skills in
  adolescents with LD.

- Development of Learning Disability Detection test in
  Vernacular languages funded by National Association of
  Adoptive Families (NAAF) - Dr. D.H. Mehta & Mrs. Apoorva

- Minor Research Project “Development of Tutor’s Manual
  for Makaton Vocabulary Language Program” funded by
  UGC-Dr. Rubina Lal.

- Minor Research Project “The Development and
  Standardization of the Visually Impaired Children” funded
  by UGC- Dr. Sujata Bhan

- Project funded by BCPT (Bombay Community Public
  Trust), Mumbai- “Education and Management of Special
  Children in Municipal Schools.”- Dr. Smriti Swarup &
  Dr. Preeti Verma

- Project funded by BCPT (Bombay Community Public     Trust), Mumbai –“Preventing Failure and dropout of
   students in Municipal Schools through cognitive training in
  Learning Disabilities”. – Dr. Smriti Swarup, & Dr. Preeti    Verma
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Centre of Special Education,
SNDT Women’s University
Juhu Tara Road,
Mumbai 400 049
Head of Department
Dr. Preeti Verma
• Ph. D. (Special Education)
• M. Ed. (Special Education)
• B. Ed. (Special Education)
• P.G. Diploma in Management of Learning Disability

Teaching Faculty
• Dr. Preeti Verma (Head & Professor)
• Prof. Sujata Bhan, Professor
• Ms. Apoorva Panshikar, Asst. Professor