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Academic Calendar 2013-14
Date Day Event
June 17, 2013 Monday Reopening of the department after Summer break
June 18,19,20, 2013 Tuesday to Thursday Entrance Test Interview For B. Ed. Special Education
June 21, 2013 Friday Announcement of B. Ed. Entrance test results  
June 24, 25, 2013 Monday to Tuesday Entrance Test and Interview for M. Ed. Spl. Edu.  
June 26, 2013 Wednesday Announcement of M. Ed. Entrance test results Entrance Test and Interview for PG Diploma in Management of Learning Disability   
June 27, 2013 Thursday Announcement of PG Diploma in Management of Learning Disability Entrance test results  
July 1, 2013 Monday Commencement of semester I for B. Ed. Special Education, M. Ed. Special Education and PG Diploma in Management of Learning Disability  Orientation to the course, library and by ex students
July 2, 2013 Wednesday Commencement of core paper lectures for B.Ed. Special Education and  M.Ed. Special Education
July 15, 2013 Monday Commencement of Case Work for M.Ed. Special Education
July 17, 2013 Wednesday Lecture on Eye Diseases- Dr. Germarwalah
July 20, 2013 Saturday Workshop on movement -Ms. Naina Dolas
August 1 - 14, 2013 Monday to wensaday Microskills for B.Ed. Spl. Edu.  
Aug 2 2013 Friday M. Ed. Case work begins
August 3, 2013 Saturday Braille training begins
August 6-8, 2013 Tuesday to Thursday Workshop on constructivism- Dr. Shyamla Dalvi & Ms. Suzanne Rodricks
Aug 14, 2013 Wednesday Use of assistive devices for the VI- MRs. Rachna Mishra
August 16 Friday Unit collection (B.Ed. Spl.Edu.)
Case Work Presentation ( M.Ed. Spl. Edu.)  
August 19-23 Monday to Friday Pre-observation phase (M.Ed. Spl. Edu.)
Lesson guidance (B.Ed. Spl. Edu)
August 23 Friday Proposal presentation (M.Ed. Spl. Edu.)
August 26-30 Monday to Friday Systematic observation ((M.Ed. Spl. Edu.)
Practice of Teaching (B.Ed. Spl. Edu)
Micro teaching begins
Sep 04,2013 Wednesday Training in use of Taylor frame -Ms. Rachna Mishra
September 5 -6 2013 Thursday to Friday Unit collection (B.Ed. Spl.Edu.)
September 10- 2013 Tuesday Lesson guidance (B.Ed. Spl. Edu)
September 12 2013 Thursday Participation in antarchakshu sensitization fo the VI organized by st. Xavier’s college Mumbai
September 14 2013 Saturday Medical aspects of MR – Dr khare
September 16-17 2013 Monday Orientation and mobility training at NAB Lesson guidance (B.Ed. Spl. Edu)
September 23- 2013 Monday Practice of Teaching (B.Ed. Spl. Edu) Workshop on day modeling-Ms. Surekha jadhav   
September 26- 2013 Thursday Workshop on TLM- Ms. Honey thakaar
September -28 2013 Saturday Lecture on MR-Dr.shyamla Dalvi
September 30- 2013 Monday Lecture on screening for ASD-Ms.Julyn Rodrigues Lecture of philosophy of education- Ms.Suzanne Rodricks
October 1-11 2013 Tuesday to Friday Case Study 1 (B.Ed. Spl. Edu)
October 7 2013 Monday Assessment of motor skills-Dr. Gauri Sali
October 18 2013 Friday Case Work Presentation ( M.Ed. Special Education)
October 25 2013 Friday Lecture on types and tools for assessment of LD Ms.Minaz Ajani
October 26 2013 Saturday Lecture on screening for ASD-Ms. Julyn Rodrigues  
October 28 2013   Monday Lecture on Dyspraxia and NVLD Ms. Minaz Ajani
October 29 2013 Tuesday Lecture on floor time for autistic children Ms. Shamla Dalvi
Nov. 06  2013 Wednesday   Lecture on guidance & consuling
Nov. 04 to10 2013   Diwali break
Nov. 11, 2013   Reopening 
Nov . 12 to Nov 22 2013 Tuesday to  Friday Semester I examination begins
B.Ed . (Spl.Edu.)
M.Ed. (Spl.Edu.)  
    Term End
Nov 18 to 22, 2013 Monday to Friday 5 day Refresher course on Research Methodology
Nov. 25 to 29 2013 Monday to Friday 5 day CRE program on Maths Disorder
    Semester II begins  
December 2-6 Monday to Friday Unit collection (B.Ed. Spl. Edu.) Lesson Guidance
December 5 Thurs Case work presentation (M.Ed. Spl. Edu.)
December 11 to 14 2013 Wednesday to Friday Training of O&M begins at NAB
December 9-20,2013 Monday to Friday Practice of Teaching (B.Ed. Special Education.)
December 8, 2013 Sunday Ph. D. Entrance test
December 20 Friday Unit collection (B.Ed. Special Education.)
December 23,24 Monday to Tuesday Lesson Guidance
25.12.2013 to 01.01.2014   Christmas Break
02.01.2014   Reopening
Jan 04 2014 Saturday Workshop on spellings- Ms. Geeta Dalal
January 6-15, 2014 Monday to Wednesday Practice of Teaching (B.Ed. Special Education.) Computer training at Xavier’s Resource Centre for VI Data Collection commences (M.Ed. Special Education.)
Jan 27 2014 Monday Lecture on making use of clay- Ms. Surekha Jadhav
January 27- February 7, 2014 Monday to Friday Unit collection, practice of teaching and case study (B.Ed. Special Education.)
Feb 03 to 06 2014 Monday to Thursday Computer training for the blind
Feb 04 to 07 2014 Tuesday to Friday M.Ed case work presentation 1
Feb  09 to 10 2014 Monday to Tuesday Workshop on multiple intelligence
February 10-20, 2014 Monday to Thursday Practice for Annual Day
Feb 13 to 14 2014 Thursday to Friday Practice for annual day and program
February 21, 2014 Friday Annual Day Celebrations
February 24- March 7, 2014 Monday to Friday Practice of teaching, Administration of standardized tests, Project work (B.Ed. Special Education.)  
March 03 to 06 2014 Monday to Thursday Internship for B.Ed. 1
March 03 to 07 2014 Monday to Friday Unit collection for exam lessons
March 10- 14, 2014 Monday to Friday Internship Case Work Presentation (M.Ed. Special Education.) M.Ed data collections Organizing and conducting PTA M.Ed.  
March 18-21, 2014 Tuesday to Friday Exam Lessons Computer training  
March 24 to 27 2014 Monday to Thursday M.Ed case work presentation 2
March 24-28, 2014 Monday to Friday Internship for B.Ed. Special Education Philosophies of education Mr. Suzanne Rodricks
April 1 2014 Wednesday & Thursday Teaching of Math-Prof. Gupta
April 6 2014 Monday Seminar & project work
April 9 2014 Wednesday Internal exams
April 11 to 22 2014 Friday to Tuesday Semester II examination begins
B.Ed . (Spl.Edu.)
M.Ed. (Spl.Edu.)
P.G. Diploma in management of learning disability
April 16 to 17, 2014 Wednesday & Thursday REBT Workshop Multiple Intelligence
May 12 2014 Wednesday Campus placement
May 13 to June 08 2014   Summer vacations begins